TX Safety

Safety Solutions

TX Safety
Machine Safety Upgrades
  • Engineering of new safety systems to be applied to existing machines and production plants to meet the new safety law rules

  • Replacement of old plc and components with new safety models including Plc software modification and diagnostic implementation

  • Replacement of not compliance power contactors with redundant certified models

  • Replacement of old type not compliant general devices with new sil2 and sil3 redundant models

  • Light curtains, safety carpets, laser scanners installation, programming and commissioning

  • Replacement of old not compliance inverters with new safe torque-off models or management of old models’ trough certified redundant power cut contactors

  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic valves and components upgrade with new redundant models

  • Safety fences, safety doors lock, field mechanical and electrical modifications and adapting to reach required PLC

  • Modification of Casting and treatment ovens with compliant redundant combustion components and certificated air/gas flow ratio management

  • Consulting design, risk assessment and certification support