Industrial Automation


Our technical office takes care of the design using advanced CAD and PLC platforms, creating customized solutions based on real production needs. Starting simply from an idea, we realize complete projects able to satisfy in reliable way any performance requirement in compliance with the regulations applied in the individual countries of destination. We realize diagrams and drawings in a clear and intuitive manner in several languages in order to facilitate subsequent use by customer maintenance teams.

Automation 1


Our Software engineers, flexibly optimize the commissioning of different plc brands, making any functionality and customization possible. The software is completely developed internally by senior programmers with thirty years of experience. Our programming team personally follows the commissioning of the machines paying particular attention to the training of production and maintenance personnel.

Automation 2

Data acquisition system, recipes and tracking

One of the fundamental aspects related to the new generation machines and plants is certainly the integration in complex systems of data exchange and production tracking. For this requirement, we have a dedicated design department composed of senior software programmers with many years of experience in the management of relational databases and advanced programming languages. We are able to propose customizable software solutions able to collect and track an innumerable quantity of process data related to the products as well as manage processing recipes, order scheduling and real-time quality control. The ability to work with different databases and management software already existing, in addition to the high skills in programming on the Plc side, allows us to implement solutions applicable to most existing production systems.

Automation 3

Electrical panels and on-board machines wiring

Our internal electrical workshop realizes different type and size electrical cabinets, control panels and on-board wiring. The systems are made professionally respecting the rules of the various countries of destination. Before delivery, depth functional tests guarantee the highest degree of reliability. The high quality of the components, the care in the realization and deep tests ensure state-of-the-art realizations. The systems can be realized based on our internal project or following the specifications provided by customers.

Automation 4