Aluminium Billets Casting, Revamping, Combustion, Tuning, Spare Parts

Tecalux has a long experience behind it in aluminium casting furnaces and machinery for extrusion billets production. We are able to support our customer in a wide range of services regarding this field. Our team of ingeneers and specialized technicians is able to propose and operate revamping of various levels, as well mechanical, combustion or automation. We are at your disposal for any kind of possible refurbishment or for the supply of new Loading machines, Logs stacking/destacking systems, Logs cutting systems, Regenerative and standard burners, Electronic combustion controls, Plc and industry 4.0 software. Our specialized technicians can provide assistance for ordinary periodic operations of combustion tuning and fumes analysis. We are able to supply customized spare parts as well as design and build custom systems from scratch.

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