Die Cleaning Automatic Systems

Save more than 35% in cycle time

Die Cleaning Automatic Systems


Tx is a line of tanks and systems, designed for the industrial cleaning of extrusion dies using high temperature diluted caustic soda. The systems are built entirely in highly corrosion resistant AISI 304 steel. Since the dissolution capacity of aluminium is closely related to the temperature of the treatment, being able to work at higher temperatures reduces treatment times by up to 35% with obvious advantages in terms of efficiency and energy savings. The systems are designed to avoid unwanted hydrogen formation and can automatically manage the reintegration of the evaporated solution during the cycle as well as safely control the cooling of the solution itself. The systems created are completely automatic and allow the daily cleaning and rinsing of huge number of dies. The tanks designed with a special external thermal insulation, integrate a burner that allows to reach and maintain the operating temperatures in a very short time. Special suction inlets ensure the safe evacuation of hydrogen and caustic vapors. Finally, an efficient internal soda recirculation system, managed by a dedicated pump, ensures high quality cleaning even on dies with particularly complex geometries. The dies are inserted and extracted at the end of the cycle only in empty tanks without traces of soda or caustic fumes, guaranteeing extreme operational safety

Die Cleaning Automatic Systems
Die Cleaning Automatic Systems
Die Cleaning Automatic Systems

Main General Advantages

  • Easy installation and connection to existing soda storage buffers or manual loading systems

  • Space Saving

  • Long service life thanks to the construction in corrosion resistant AISI 304 steel

  • High thermal insulation

  • Working temperature up to 108 °C

  • Cycle times reduction up to 35%

  • Suction system for hydrogen and soda fumes

  • Pneumatic lid opening

  • Lid with safety anti-drop system

  • Double hand lid activation with hardware lock

  • Cycle duration and temperature programmable

  • Maximum level safety sensor with safety load lock valve

  • Safety sensor to prevent burner start without liquid

  • Optimized internal soda recirculation

  • Automatic heating management

  • Automatic cooling management

  • Automatic refill management of the evaporated solution

  • Automatic management of temperature and cycle duration

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Easy and intuitive use with simple buttons for loading, unloading, start cycle

  • Improvement of operators air quality thanks to the lid and the suction system

  • Possibility of customization based on the existing loading / unloading system and the required cycles

Die Cleaning Automatic Systems
Die Cleaning Automatic Systems
Die Cleaning Automatic Systems

Technical data

ModelCapacity Without DiesBasket Capacity n.Internal Dimension h-l-w Lids n.Burner Power KwMax Working temperatureRecirculation pump Power KwRequired air pressure Bar
TX 10001000 L.11300x1300x1220137108 °C2.26-8
TX 25002500 L.22300x1300x1220150108 °C2.26-8
TX 2500D2500 L.22300x1300x1220237x2108 °C2.2x26-8
TX 4500D4500 L.22700x1500x1220250x2108 °C2.2x26-8
TX 65006500 L.33900x1600x12201100108 °C2.26-8
TX 6500D6500 L.33900x1600x12202100+50108 °C2.2x26-8

For other dimensions, interfaces, custom cycles please ask

Made in compliance with machinery directive MD 2006/42/EC