Tecalux Compact

Die cleaning, plug and play, affordable solution

Save more than 35% in cycle time

Tecalux Compact die cleaning system is the reliable, plug and play, affordable solution able to manage the high temperature extrusion die cleaning process in safety and convenient way. The system includes our treatment tanks model Tx in compact configuration able to work with liquid or flakes caustic soda Fitted on a preassembled steel frame with two die cleaning and a water rinsing position. All the tanks are thermal insulated made in inox steel. A state-of-the-art hydraulic system including stainless steel pipes, inox pumps and sensors for caustic environment guarantee a complete automatic control of the cleaning process. Tecalux Compact is easy to install, designed for cleaning extrusion dies using liquid or diluted flake soda at high temperature. Entirely built in highly corrosion resistant AISI 304 steel, has been designed for extruders that need easily replace old systems or install new ones taking the advantage of the high temperature treatment. Because the ability of soda to etching aluminium is closely related to the temperature of the treatment, the ability to work at high temperature can reduces treatment times by almost 35% with obvious advantages in terms of efficiency and energy savings. The tanks are designed in order to dispose the hydrogen avoiding possible problems and safely manage the cooling of the solution in case of over temperature. Tecalux Compact die tanks include a special external thermal insulation that combined with an integrated burner allows to reach temperatures above 108c° in a short time. Tank is also equipped with a caustic fumes suction system that must be connected to a scrubber or to a natural chimney ensuring the safe evacuation of excess hydrogen. Finally, an efficient internal soda recirculation system, managed by a dedicated pump, guarantees high quality cleaning even on dies with thin geometries. Tecalux Compact model include one or two die cleaning positions with lid, integrates water rinsing position, recirculation pump, safety level sensors, heating burner, Caustic fumes aspirator fan, inlet and outlet connection for gas, fresh water, waste water, fresh soda, waste soda. Caustic soda can be used in flakes or liquid with a max 35% concentration. Load and unload of soda and water is managed from customer systems or through existing external pumps.

Tecalux Compact
Tecalux Compact
Tecalux Compact
Tecalux Compact
  • Easy installation and connection to existing soda storage buffers or manual loading systems

  • Space Saving

  • Long service life thanks to the construction in corrosion resistant AISI 304 steel

  • High thermal insulation

  • Working temperature up to 108 °C

  • Cycle times reduction up to 35%

  • Suction system for hydrogen and soda fumes

  • Pneumatic lid opening

  • Lid with safety anti-drop system

  • Double hand lid activation with hardware lock

  • Cycle duration and temperature programmable

  • Maximum level safety sensor with safety load lock valve

  • Safety sensor to prevent burner start without liquid

  • Optimized internal soda recirculation

  • Automatic heating management

  • Automatic cooling management

  • Automatic refill management of the evaporated solution

  • Automatic management of temperature and cycle duration

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Easy and intuitive use with simple buttons for loading, unloading, start cycle

  • Improvement of operators air quality thanks to the lid and the suction system

  • Possibility of customization based on the existing loading / unloading system and the required cycles

Technical data

ModelCapacity Without DiesBasket Capacity n.Internal Dimension h-l-w Lids n.Burner Power KwMax Working temperatureRecirculation pump Power KwRequired air pressure Bar
TX 1000C12000L.11300x1300x1220137108 °C2.26-8
TX 2000C25000L.22300x1300x1220150108 °C2.26-8

For other dimensions, interfaces, custom applications please ask

Made in compliance with machinery directive MD 2006/42/EC