Die Splitter

Fully Electrical Extrusion Die Splitter

Die Splitter

TX600 is a sturdy, safe, affordable and compact machine made for the quick opening of extrusion dies. The magnetic principle used for the separation allows a perfectly axial distribution of the forces with the consequent advantage of avoid the risk to damaging the mandrel or the coupling. An automatic demagnetization cycle completely removes any residual magnetism at the end of the cycle. For opening, no hydraulic chisels or mechanical tools are used which could damage the matrix but simply the magnetic force. The machine is completely electric, there are no hydraulic power units, pipes and valves. The forces and movements are managed by inverters making the machine extremely simple, silent, compact and reliable, reducing maintenance procedures and energy consumption. The loading of the die is done from above using a hoist, no centering is necessary, it is also not necessary to remove the support hooks, speeding up the process. The operator works in a highly safe way protected by safety barriers and double-hand movement controls, the magnets are permanent electro-type and developing a force of 250 kg / cm² able to keep the die firm even in the event of voltage loss.

Main Advantages:
  • Huge reduction of the working time dedicated to the dies opening

  • Prevention of operators injury

  • Perfect axial force distribution during the opening

  • Huge reduction in the possibility of mandrel breakage

  • Huge reduction in the possibility of coupling seizure

  • Minimum noise process

  • Energy saving

  • Space saving

  • Plug and play design

  • Easy and intuitive to use

Tecnical data:
  • Die diameter: Ø 180mm -> Ø 600mm

  • Installed power 7 kw

  • Max opening force 12 Tons

  • Weigh 1500 Kg c.a

  • Dimension mm. 2000 l x 1200 h x 1000 w

For other dimensions or application fields please ask

Made in compliance with machinery directive MD 2006/42/EC