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One of the most important points, is always trying to keep repeatability of the quality reducing the scraps. Quality of the process in most of the plant is based on the operator skill, have high level operators is very important and this cannot be substitute but because of the human factor, repeatability in the process cannot be assured. In order to achieve this result, we need the capability to analyze the process data and understand where the problems are made in order are to react and correct the process. The three main keys word are Tracking, Optimization, Repeatability. Tx is the software solution applicable from casting to extrusion, that can manage this information’s in easy and accurate way.

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Tracking and optimization

Tracking is one of the important features included in Tx , for example in the extrusion process, every profile processed in the plant is recorded and monitored in the most critical parameters. we track billet temperature, billet scraps, extrusion time, die change time, pressure curves and pressure peaks, speed, temperature, stretching data, ageing curves. All the data are stored in Tx and customer database and can be easily retrieved using different index as job code, customer, day, lot of production. Virtually any data coming from field machines, sensors or transducers can be tracked. With all this information is easy, generate detailed production reports and found in the process the real reason and the precise fault position in case of non-compliant production. Tx includes also a module that can manage production recipes in easy way, transferring directly to the plant the correct operation parameters and automatically recognizing if any parameters are changed by the operator. We also created a friendly interface where compose the working recipe is simple as to use any office tool as Excel or Word. Tx integrates also optimization algorithms able to correct in real time production parameters in order to reduce scraps, as for example billet length or extrusion speed with isothermal control.

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Errors retrieve and alarms dispatcher

Deep tracking tool allow us to collect a lot of information, but how we can understand where process is wrong in easy way without open end compare all the data? Tx integrates one visual toll that can make this easy too. In Fact, is possible for any important parameter, set a range where we expect the result should remain inside. In case of wrong parameters in any of the parameter positions, just locking in the production list, is possible immediately find some of the production lines highlighted in red. This mean that the respective load, could have inside some working parameter not respected during the process. Clicking on the line, is possible to open a detailed list of the processed steps where in the faulted fields a bar graph allows us to immediately identify which parameter is wrong and the dimension of the error. For important alarms or out of range values, Tx integrates a configurable alarm dispatcher able to advise any interested person through email or message. In same way, Tx can be configured to send production reports or production statistic to any mobile device.

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Wastewater and fumes quality report

Water waste and fumes quality is in most countries a very important point that some time require more attention than the final product. Tx can monitor the correct parameters, tracking all the chemical propriety that are available from the sensors inside the plant. Also, in this case we apply the same concept of the quality tracking, if any parameter is outside a programmable range, in the main page we can be advised by a highlighted symbol and access to a detailed list of information’s. More fields allow to immediately identify which parameter is wrong and the dimension of the error. Personalized custom reports can be realized to accomplish any local rules.

TX Software 3

Energy costs calculator

Normally, energy consumption is a parameter that is measured in global mode, we check the cost of gas, electricity, water, every month, we divide the cost for the tons that we are product and then we have the cost of the global production. In order to optimize the productivity and calculate the correct cost for the final products, is very important go one step forward and be able to calculate the real energy and chemical costs for any different order produced. Years ago, electronic sensors able to measure the different consumption was very expensive devices, today with affordable costs is possible to integrate any desired measure in the system. Tx, together thanks to the tracking capability, can calculate the real cost in energy related to any order processed. This capability is important to have under control precise production costs and be able to calculate the correct single item sales value.

TX Software 4

Mobile industry 4.0 compliant

Tx is web based, mobile compliant and cloud ready. In addition to being able to share information with any server and databases, it will be possible access to all the important data directly from any device and any position where an internet connection is available. We can use our pc, pad, mobile phone without requires any physical server or Vpn system that generally can create problems with most IT policy. In this way it will be possible monitoring our plant having available all the interesting data at any time in any place.

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