Centrifugal Separator

Centrifugal Separator

TX800 is a compact and robust centrifugal separator, easy to install, mainly designed for the separation of aluminum hydroxide from spent soda in the cleaning processes of the extrusion dies or in all processes in which there is the need to regenerate the soda by separating it from the dissolved aluminum or in general to separate sludge from liquids. The basket is made entirely of high thick stainless steel, giving the entire system extreme resistance and easy cleaning operation. The special design of the rotating shaft prevents any infiltration of dust and liquid while preserving the bearings and the rotation mechanic components. The machine frame is supported by four oversized anti-vibration systems capable of absorbing all the vibrations generated without discharging them on the supporting foundations. The basket is internally covered with an easily replaceable filter cloth that guarantees a perfect separation and a long operation life. The filtered soda is addressed by the centrifugal force into a discharge channel which can be easily connected to a collection tank. The sludge or aluminum hydroxide powder is automatically scraped from the filtering net falling by gravity into a container that must be placed under the machine. The centrifuge is equipped as standard with a net washing system. The control panel contains the electronic part necessary for operation and the Hmi touch panel trough which it is possible to program the parameters relating to the various process steps. Vibration sensors, level sensor, movement and closure sensors allow operators to manage the operations in complete safety environment. The machine can be easily interfaced with any existing system as it is supplied complete with attachments for loading sludge, discharging clean soda, network rinsing water and electrical interfaces for pumps or external loading valves.

Centrifugal Separator
Centrifugal Separator
Centrifugal Separator

Main General Advantages

  • Easy installation and connection to existing soda storage buffers or manual loading systems
  • Space Saving
  • Long service life thanks to the construction in corrosion resistant AISI 304 steel
  • High thermal insulation
  • Working temperature up to 108 °C
  • Cycle times reduction up to 35%
  • Suction system for hydrogen and soda fumes
  • Pneumatic lid opening
  • Lid with safety anti-drop system
  • Double hand lid activation with hardware lock
  • Cycle duration and temperature programmable
  • Maximum level safety sensor with safety load lock valve
Centrifugal Separator

Technical Data:

ModelBasket Diameter mmBasket Height mmNet Surface m²Filtering µMax Load KgMax Speed RpmMachine Weight KgPower Kw
TX 8008004131.05601301500388012.5
TX 100010006432.03603301200430016.5

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Made in compliance with machinery directive MD 2006/42/EC