Tecalux Vfd Press Booster Kit

Applicable to most extrusion presses, it allows a reduction in dead cycle time up to 20-30%, reducing energy consumption and significantly extending the life of the main pumps. The solution consists of a oil pressure boosting unit which guarantees constant pressure at the inlet of the main pumps with the advantage of being able to safely increase the number of the pumps rpm during the fast phases of the machine. The system, combined with high-performance inverters set, guarantees the correct flow of oil for the various extrusion phases, optimizing speed, energy and at the same time preventing any negative cavitation phenomenon. The kit is supplied, in addition to the main components, complete with hydraulic adaptations, software and electrical modifications necessary for management. The installation can be carried out by the customer's staff under the supervision of our technicians, or it can be supplied on a turnkey basis. Before thinking about a new press, contact us without obligation, our engineers will certainly be able to advise you on the best solution to increase the performance of your existing ones.

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